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Monoclonal Rat Anti Mouse CD4 Monoclonal


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Western blot:This monoclonal antibody has been tested in WB analysis of human CD4 . A suitable range of concentrations of this antibody for WB detection is 0.5-2 µg/ml.

Source This antibody was produced from a hybridoma resulting from the fusion of a mouse myeloma with B cells obtained from a mouse immunized with recombinant E. coli-derived Human CD4.
Species reactivity Human
Purification The IgG fraction of the tissue culture supernatant was purified by Protein G affinity chromatography.
Presentation Lyophilized from sterile filtered solution at a concentration of 1mg/ml in citrate-phosphate buffer pH7.0, with 0.02%Proclin 300 as a preservative.
Endotoxin Endotoxin content was assayed using a LAL gel clot method. Endotoxin level was found to be less than 0.1 ng/µg(1EU/µg).
Reconstitution A quick spin of the vial followed by reconstitution in distilled water to a concentration not less than 0.1 mg/mL. This solution can then be diluted into other buffers
Storage The lyophilized antibody is stable for at least 1 year from date of receipt at -20° C. Upon reconstitution, this antibody can be stored in working aliquots at 2° - 8° C for one month, or at -20° C for six months without detectable loss of activity. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Usage This antibody product is for research purposes only.It may not be used for therapeutics or diagnostic purposes.

Interactor A8MYU2
Interactor D3W0D1
Interactor O00180
Interactor O00206 TLR4_HUMAN
Interactor O00255
Interactor O00408
Interactor O00763
Interactor O14744 ANM5_HUMAN
Interactor O14745
Interactor O14746
Interactor O14862
Interactor O14920
Interactor O14931 NCTR3_HUMAN
Interactor O15151 MDM4_HUMAN
Interactor O15164
Interactor O15169
Interactor O15350
Interactor O15379
Interactor O15394 NCAM2_HUMAN
Interactor O15409
Interactor O15431
Interactor O15455 TLR3_HUMAN
Interactor O43809
Interactor O60494
Interactor O60674
Interactor O75056
Interactor O75146
Interactor O75340
Interactor O75460
Interactor O75581
Interactor O75874 IDHC_HUMAN
Interactor O75962
Interactor O94992
Interactor O95140
Interactor O95727 CRTAM_HUMAN
Interactor O95747
Interactor O95786
Interactor O95822
Interactor P00441 SODC_HUMAN
Interactor P00451
Interactor P00491 PNPH_HUMAN
Interactor P00533 EGFR_HUMAN
Interactor P01008 ANT3_HUMAN
Interactor P01009 A1AT_HUMAN
Interactor P01127 PDGFB_HUMAN
Interactor P01137 TGFB1_HUMAN
Interactor P01308 INS_HUMAN
Interactor P01374 TNFB_HUMAN
Interactor P01375 TNFA_HUMAN
Interactor P01594
Interactor P01730 CD4_HUMAN
Interactor Q14005 IL16_HUMAN
Interactor P02461
Interactor P02489
Interactor P02511
Interactor P02533
Interactor P02647 APOA1_HUMAN
Interactor P02741 CRP_HUMAN
Interactor P02751 FINC_HUMAN
Interactor P02766 TTHY_HUMAN
Interactor P02786 TFR1_HUMAN
Interactor P03951 FA11_HUMAN
Interactor P04049
Interactor P04085 PDGFA_HUMAN
Interactor P04156 PRIO_HUMAN
Interactor P04275 VWF_HUMAN
Interactor P04578
Interactor P04626 ERBB2_HUMAN
Interactor P04637 P53_HUMAN
Interactor P05067 A4_HUMAN
Interactor P05091
Interactor P05106
Interactor P05231 IL6_HUMAN
Interactor P06213 INSR_HUMAN
Interactor P06239
Interactor P06276 CHLE_HUMAN
Interactor P06727
Interactor P07320
Interactor P07333 CSF1R_HUMAN
Interactor P07602 SAP_HUMAN
Interactor P07814
Interactor P07900 HS90A_HUMAN
Interactor P07949 RET_HUMAN
Interactor P08069 IGF1R_HUMAN
Interactor P08236
Interactor P08238
Interactor P08581 MET_HUMAN
Interactor P08670 VIME_HUMAN
Interactor P09603 CSF1_HUMAN
Interactor P09619 PGFRB_HUMAN
Interactor P09651
Interactor P10415 BCL2_HUMAN
Interactor P10515
Interactor P10600
Interactor P10644 KAP0_HUMAN
Interactor P10997
Interactor P11172
Interactor P11362 FGFR1_HUMAN
Interactor P11498
Interactor P12004
Interactor P12081
Interactor P12644 BMP4_HUMAN
Interactor P12830 CADH1_HUMAN
Interactor P13497
Interactor P13501 CCL5_HUMAN
Interactor P13861
Interactor P14174 MIF_HUMAN
Interactor P14210 HGF_HUMAN
Interactor P14222
Interactor P14618 KPYM_HUMAN
Interactor P14621 ACYP2_HUMAN
Interactor P14780 MMP9_HUMAN
Interactor P15056 BRAF_HUMAN
Interactor P15172
Interactor P15692 VEGFA_HUMAN
Interactor P16070 CD44_HUMAN
Interactor P17693
Interactor P17707
Interactor P18827 SDC1_HUMAN
Interactor P18846
Interactor P19438 TNR1A_HUMAN
Interactor P19525
Interactor P19793
Interactor P19838
Interactor P20591
Interactor P20711
Interactor P20839
Interactor P21549
Interactor P21589 5NTD_HUMAN
Interactor P21796
Interactor P21802 FGFR2_HUMAN
Interactor P21860 ERBB3_HUMAN
Interactor P22626
Interactor P23258
Interactor P23381
Interactor P23415
Interactor P23921
Interactor P24468
Interactor P25445 TNR6_HUMAN
Interactor P26447 S10A4_HUMAN
Interactor P26718 NKG2D_HUMAN
Interactor P27037 AVR2A_HUMAN
Interactor P27352 IF_HUMAN
Interactor P27361
Interactor P28845
Interactor P29033
Interactor P29144
Interactor P29323 EPHB2_HUMAN
Interactor P29460 IL12B_HUMAN
Interactor P29972
Interactor P30101
Interactor P31323
Interactor P31431 SDC4_HUMAN
Interactor P31749
Interactor P32455 GBP1_HUMAN
Interactor P33176
Interactor P34741 SDC2_HUMAN
Interactor P34982
Interactor P35221
Interactor P35555
Interactor P35579
Interactor P35580
Interactor P35968 VGFR2_HUMAN
Interactor P36894 BMR1A_HUMAN
Interactor P37173 TGFR2_HUMAN
Interactor P37231
Interactor P37840 SYUA_HUMAN
Interactor P37840-1
Interactor P38398
Interactor P40189 IL6RB_HUMAN
Interactor P40259 CD79B_HUMAN
Interactor P40763
Interactor P40967
Interactor P42224
Interactor P42224-2
Interactor P42768
Interactor P43351
Interactor P43490 NAMPT_HUMAN
Interactor P46063
Interactor P46109
Interactor P47992 XCL1_HUMAN
Interactor P48023 TNFL6_HUMAN
Interactor P48357 LEPR_HUMAN
Interactor P48736
Interactor P49418
Interactor P49590
Interactor P49763 PLGF_HUMAN
Interactor P49765 VEGFB_HUMAN
Interactor P49771 FLT3L_HUMAN
Interactor P49789 FHIT_HUMAN
Interactor P49841 GSK3B_HUMAN
Interactor P49959
Interactor P51681
Interactor P51693 APLP1_HUMAN
Interactor P51787
Interactor P51795
Interactor P51800
Interactor P52179
Interactor P52564
Interactor P53350
Interactor P53990
Interactor P53999 TCP4_HUMAN
Interactor P54253
Interactor P55064
Interactor P55087
Interactor P55211-1
Interactor P55265
Interactor P56524
Interactor P60201-1
Interactor P60484
Interactor P60709 ACTB_HUMAN
Interactor P61769 B2MG_HUMAN
Interactor P61970
Interactor P61978
Interactor P62988
Interactor P67870
Interactor P78380 OLR1_HUMAN
Interactor P84077 ARF1_HUMAN
Interactor P84243
Interactor P98170 XIAP_HUMAN
Interactor Q00535
Interactor Q00987
Interactor Q01813
Interactor Q02156
Interactor Q03167
Interactor Q03518
Interactor Q03519
Interactor Q04637
Interactor Q05193
Interactor Q05329
Interactor Q06609
Interactor Q06787
Interactor Q06830 PRDX1_HUMAN
Interactor Q07812
Interactor Q0JRZ9
Interactor Q10589 BST2_HUMAN
Interactor Q12756
Interactor Q12791
Interactor Q12809
Interactor Q13085
Interactor Q13148
Interactor Q13153
Interactor Q13257 MD2L1_HUMAN
Interactor Q13291 SLAF1_HUMAN
Interactor Q13322
Interactor Q13336
Interactor Q13426
Interactor Q13469
Interactor Q13490 BIRC2_HUMAN
Interactor Q13546
Interactor Q13554
Interactor Q13555
Interactor Q13557
Interactor Q13563
Interactor Q13568
Interactor Q13569
Interactor Q13586 STIM1_HUMAN
Interactor Q13627
Interactor Q13873 BMPR2_HUMAN
Interactor Q13882
Interactor Q14315
Interactor Q14653
Interactor Q14676
Interactor Q14765
Interactor Q15019
Interactor Q15046
Interactor Q15118
Interactor Q15223 NECT1_HUMAN
Interactor Q15233
Interactor Q15303 ERBB4_HUMAN
Interactor Q15605
Interactor Q15648
Interactor Q16514
Interactor Q16637
Interactor Q16740
Interactor Q16760
Interactor Q16790 CAH9_HUMAN
Interactor Q16820 MEP1B_HUMAN
Interactor Q16873
Interactor Q1PHM6
Interactor Q495M9
Interactor Q5S007
Interactor Q5T4W7 ARTN_HUMAN
Interactor Q658P3-1
Interactor Q6UVW9
Interactor Q6ZMJ4 IL34_HUMAN
Interactor Q7L804
Interactor Q7LBR1
Interactor Q7Z6A9 BTLA_HUMAN
Interactor Q86WV6
Interactor Q8IUX4
Interactor Q8J025 APCD1_HUMAN
Interactor Q8NBP7 PCSK9_HUMAN
Interactor Q8NE86
Interactor Q8NHV1
Interactor Q8TCY5 MRAP_HUMAN
Interactor Q8WTS6 SETD7_HUMAN
Interactor Q8WUF5
Interactor Q8WXD9
Interactor Q8WXF1
Interactor Q8WXF7
Interactor Q8WYQ5
Interactor Q8WZ42
Interactor Q92478 CLC2B_HUMAN
Interactor Q92692 NECT2_HUMAN
Interactor Q92743
Interactor Q92843 B2CL2_HUMAN
Interactor Q92854
Interactor Q92889
Interactor Q96CA5 BIRC7_HUMAN
Interactor Q96CB9
Interactor Q96D31
Interactor Q96D96
Interactor Q96F15
Interactor Q96G30
Interactor Q96NY8
Interactor Q96QV1
Interactor Q99259
Interactor Q99497 PARK7_HUMAN
Interactor Q99523
Interactor Q99543
Interactor Q99683
Interactor Q99728
Interactor Q99962
Interactor Q9BUL8
Interactor Q9BUR4
Interactor Q9BVA6
Interactor Q9BXW9
Interactor Q9BYX4
Interactor Q9GZM8
Interactor Q9GZX7
Interactor Q9H171
Interactor Q9H3D4
Interactor Q9H444
Interactor Q9H6P5
Interactor Q9H792
Interactor Q9H816
Interactor Q9H9E3
Interactor Q9H9Q4
Interactor Q9HBA0
Interactor Q9HC16
Interactor Q9NPI6
Interactor Q9NQS3 NECT3_HUMAN
Interactor Q9NRW3
Interactor Q9NWX6
Interactor Q9NZ45 CISD1_HUMAN
Interactor Q9NZD2 GLTP_HUMAN
Interactor Q9NZS2
Interactor Q9P289
Interactor Q9UBD6
Interactor Q9UBU8
Interactor Q9UDY8
Interactor Q9UG22
Interactor Q9UKG1
Interactor Q9UKV5
Interactor Q9ULZ3
Interactor Q9UM54
Interactor Q9UNG2 TNF18_HUMAN
Interactor Q9UNQ0
Interactor Q9UQM7
Interactor Q9Y230
Interactor Q9Y235
Interactor Q9Y2R2
Interactor Q9Y2Z4
Interactor Q9Y3Z3
Interactor Q9Y4D1
Interactor Q9Y4K3
Interactor Q9Y5U5 TNR18_HUMAN
Interactor Q9Y5X1
Interactor Q9Y613
Interactor Q9Y6D9
Interactor Q9Y6K9
Interactor Q9Y6R1
Biological Process Immunity
Biological Process Host-virus-interaction
Molecular function Receptor