HIV-I transmembrane glycoprotein gp41 Recombinant

///HIV-I transmembrane glycoprotein gp41 Recombinant

HIV-I transmembrane glycoprotein gp41 Recombinant


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Source DNA sequence encoding immunodominant fragment of HIV gp41 was expressed in Escherichia Coli.
Molecular weight Recombinant HIV gp41 encodes the immunodominant sequences of the HIV Transmembrane Glycoprotein 41. Recombinant HIV Glycoprotein 41 contains the the linear epitope (542-764) fused to an b-galactosidase purification tag.
Purity >95%, as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Applications HIV gp41 antigen is suitable for ELISA and Western blots, excellent antigen for detection of HIV with minimal specificity problems.
Presentation 0.2u filtered Imidasole 20mM, pH 7,0; DTT 10 mM; NaCl 150 mM; urea 8 M
Storage This protein can be stored in working aliquots at 2° - 8° C for one month, or at -20° C for 12 months without detectable loss of activity. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Usage This product is for research purposes only.It may not be used for therapeutics or diagnostic purposes.

Biological Process Virus-entry-into-host-cell
Biological Process Host-virus-interaction